Automated feedback monitoring
unitQ Monitor harnesses popular customer channels to identify trending product issues and potential bugs.
  • unitQ Monitor scans feedback from the App Store, Google Play Store, Zendesk, Salesforce Service Cloud, Twitter, Reddit, and Jira
  • Use our Custom Data API to ingest other sources of user feedback
  • Trending bug alerts help you stay on top of potential issues as they get reported
  • Use the unitQ Slack app to set up notifications and alerts for different Slack channels to keep teams updated and ready to act
Product insights from across the globe
unitQ Monitor provides insights into how your product is perceived and used on a global scale.
  • Insights, bugs, and reporting are based on global feedback in over 100 languages
  • Non-English customer feedback is automatically translated into English, in real time
  • All customer feedback, issues, and bugs are indexed so you can easily search through your entire unitQ data
  • Save custom search queries to keep an eye on specific issues
Bugs you can reproduce and act on
unitQ Monitor gives you all the details you need to investigate and act on trending issues and potential bugs.
  • We use machine learning to parse through user feedback to identify the potential root causes of user-reported issues
  • We automatically extract relevant metadata, including device, platform, language, and release to help you reproduce bugs
  • Drill into any bug to review relevant feedback associated with that bug for context
  • Create categories to group bugs and data into custom buckets that help with planning, prioritization, and roadmapping
Modern dashboards and real-time reporting
unitQ Monitor offers real-time dashboards that can help your entire organization align on quality.
  • Access dashboards anytime, from any device
  • View trending bugs, recent activity, closed and open bugs, and more
  • Filter unitQ results by source, platform, and release
  • Easily share any view within unitQ Monitor, including filtered views